Friday, 11 July 2008

Orb Web Spider - Eriophora transmarina

Orb Web Spider (Eriophora transmarina)
orb web spider - Eriophora transmarina
This photo really has to be seen full-screen to be fully appreciated. Click on the picture above to view the orb web spider full-size.

I caught this big Orb Web Spider under a tree one day. He was alive, but being quickly overrun by ants. So I flicked the ants off, and snapped a few pictures of him. He wan't very eager to move (all the better for me!), maybe the ant's had bitten him too much.

The Garden Orb Web Spiders are also called Araneus Spiders, Garden Orb-weaver, Wheelweaving Spiders or Orbweaving Spiders. The Latin or Scientific name is Eriophora transmarina.

More information on the Orb Web Spider.


  1. This a great picture, I really enjoy it and some.

  2. Great close up! Well done!

    Just found your Blog. Great stuff!

  3. David- Very nice. I remember seeing gigantic orbweaving spiders with huge webs spun out of yellow silk. Am I dreaming or did I really see these in OZ?


  4. I came across your blog via fotodigg, and I'm glad I did! I just started a photo blog also, and it's good to see someone else doing it in a similar style - with text and not just photos. Your shots are great and I'll definitely bookmark your site and be back to check out more.


  5. David: What a great picture of a scary looking spider. You should join Camera Critters. link on my sight.

  6. Your picture is great, I just don't like (any) spiders. :-)

  7. Oh I got goose bumps seeing this photo, not a big fan of spiders, lol, but this is a great capture of him. Anna :)

  8. Excellent capture, David. The hairy legs show up so well in the full-screen image. Well done.

    We have an orb spider (but a different species) here in Hawaii, too, that's quite common as a garden spider. Their webs are so beautiful.


  9. Simply amazing, though I should admit spiders have never been my favorites and I do not know if anyone favors them at all, the quality of this picture is outstanding. Am thinking how well it would look if this was made as a Canvas Photo, the minute details that have come up so good in this picture is an extreme rarity at least for me who is still in his amateur shoes.

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. YUK!! I think I would have stepped on him, not taken his photo! But great capture on your part!


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