Monday, 29 January 2007

Best Bits

Best bits of the past year
best bits one 1 frog close up lavender close up bee flower animal insect mushroom mushrooms forest tree close up sun shine through trees glare rays shine out (these are a few of the keywords associated with this image)
Best bits 1

I've put together a collection here of the "best bits" of the past year. These are some of the photos that I have taken during the past year that people thought were especially good. Some of them have not appeared on this blog yet, but quite a few of them have. I hope you enjoy them, and remember, I'll need some nominations for the next "best bits" section, so email me if you see any pics that you think are deserving of the honour!

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Sunday, 21 January 2007

Lavender bush

Top-down view of lavender bush
An interesting perspective of a lavender bush. All the stems seem to be radiating from the middle, and it looks like the camera is about to fall into the bush!

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Friday, 19 January 2007

Spider web again!

Spider web with water droplets
spider web with water droplets hanging off it
Spider web with water droplets

Another picture of water droplets hanging on a spider web (see here or here) Notice that the water is actually forming an unbroken line in the top right corner of the web.
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Monday, 15 January 2007

Small spider web

Small spider web in green agapantha leaves
small agapantha plant with small spider web on it
Spider web on Agapantha

This is a small spider-web with dew drops on it built between the leaves of an agapantha plant.
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St. Andrew's Cross Spider in web
st. andrew's cross spider sitting in web waiting for prey to approach
St. Andrew's Cross Spider

St. Andrew's Cross is clearly visible in this picture. The spider of that name is sitting in the centre of his web, waiting for his prey to approach...
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Sunday, 14 January 2007


Balloon vine tendril grasping lavender stem
balloon vine tendril grasping lavender flower stem
Vine tendril grasping lavender stem

In this picture, a balloon vine tendril is reaching out and grasping the stem of a lavender flower. It looks a bit like a small snake or dragon trying to destroy the lavender plant!
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Saturday, 13 January 2007

Lavenders blue...

Lavender flower with bee

lavender flower with bee resting on
Lavender flower with bee

This photo has had a "focal b&w" filter applied to it, so that the edges of the picture are b&w, while the centre is full-colour. This brings the focus to the bee resting on the lavender flower in the middle.

Friday, 12 January 2007

Water Hair

Water droplets on vine tendril
water drops on vine tendril

This is amazing! All the tiny hairs on this vine tendril have gathered little drops of water, and are holding them there tightly. You wouldn't see this sort of thing when you go about your normal routine, you have to look very close to see anything special about this vine tendril. This makes me recall the verse from Isaiah: "fearfully and wonderfully made"
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This group of mushrooms just sprang up overnight in the fork of a camphor-laurel tree after some rain. In this close-up, they look like a forest of mushrooms!

Thursday, 11 January 2007

Water droplets on flower

Flower with water droplets on

A nice photo of a flower with water droplets on it. I'm not sure what the name of the flower is, so it would be good if someone could post a comment saying what it's called!


Green "Bullock heart" tomato
green bullock heart tomato

This is Another interesting tomato! (see my previous tomato picture) You can certainly tell why it was called a "Bullock heart" tomato!
David's "Images of nature" gallery
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Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Water drops on grass

Water droplets on grass

Another rainy day picture! These beads of water look like they are just about to fall of the blades of grass - they are clinging to it on all sides very precariously. Some of these drops actually look like the ant eggs in a previous post of mine -
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The Web

Spider web with water droplets
spider web with water droplets

Rainy days are always good times to take photos of nature. This spider web has caught some water droplets, making it look like a string of pearls.
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Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Dandelion flower

This is a nice close-up of a single dandelion flower. The flower is almost symetrical, with it's petals radiating from the center in an offset pattern. I think the bright colors of the yellow flower and green grass contrast nicely.
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Monday, 8 January 2007

New Blog!

Just a quick note to tell you that I have a new blog you might want to look at. It is called "Useless Facts".
Visit for "The length of a flea's back leg - and other useless facts to brighten your day"

Hope you like it!


Saturday, 6 January 2007

Ant Eggs

Close-up of ant eggs

I zoomed in on a photo of some new gum tree shoots, and found these and eggs. There were ants all over the twigs, and more of these eggs along most of them. Doesn't look as if this tree will have a very easy time growing up!
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Friday, 5 January 2007



This is actually a tomato, even though it looks more like an orange golf ball! Notice the piece of newspaper to the left of the tomato, which adds and interesting sense of contrast to the picture.
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Bearded dragon lizard

This bearded dragon is well camouflaged amongst the sticks and leaves. It took us quite a while to find him! At least he posed well for the photo; when one of these lizards knows he is spotted he will stand absolutely still until you leave him in peace.
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Single marigold flower

A nice photo of a marigold flower. The yellow and red contrast well, producing nice, sharp edges on the background of green grass.
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Thursday, 4 January 2007


Corn leaves

This is a close-up of a corn plant's central leaves. Notice the curves that draw your attention to the upper-left corner of the picture. The plant is about 2 and a half months old, and is growing well, but has no corn cobs forming yet.
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Wednesday, 3 January 2007


Crab on sand

This is a small male crab on the sand at the shore of Lake Cootharaba, Queenland (up-river from Noosa). His gesture appears to be calling you closer; would you trust someone with claws like that?
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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

New Blog Subject


I have now changed the title of this blog from "David's Digital Image Gallery" to "David's 'Images of Nature' Gallery". This is because I have found that most of the photos being posted are pictures of nature, and refining the subject would help to focus the selection of images to a single group, which (hopefully) will make the quality of images better! Anyway, I've changed the subject, so you will only be seeing nature-related pictures from now on.

Hope you continue to enjoy the content on this site!


Monday, 1 January 2007

Sun shining through leaves

Sun shining through tree leaves
sun rays shining through green leaves

I particularly like this kind of photo, with the sun shining it's rays through green branches and leaves overhead. In this picture, there are some leaves in the foreground and tree branches in the background.

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