Saturday, 6 January 2007

Ant Eggs

Close-up of ant eggs

I zoomed in on a photo of some new gum tree shoots, and found these and eggs. There were ants all over the twigs, and more of these eggs along most of them. Doesn't look as if this tree will have a very easy time growing up!
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  1. I'm not actually sure these are ant eggs - they look a little big for the ants that are around them! Anyone have a thought on what they might be???

  2. i have a similar issue with similar pictures on my tulip trees. lots of ants and eggs simlar to that.. The tree seems to be fine though. any idea what they are?

  3. Still don't actually know what these are, but pretty sure they're not ant eggs. I think they're bad for the tree though, so maybe try some Mortein?

  4. Danny said....
    Not sure what they are ,but ant eggs are from 1mm-3mm,how big is that?

    17 august 2008 2:15


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