Wednesday, 30 May 2007

WOW! Another Millennium already!

Breaking news: I just got my 2,000th visitor! It's only 42 days since I got my first thousand, which was 4.5 months after my blog started, so this site has taken a huge leap in popularity since then.

Again, I thank all the people who have visited my blog or posted comments to contribute to this millennium - you help keep this site alive. Any feedback is welcome, so send in your ideas about what you think could be improved. I recently installed a content rating system at the bottom of every post, so please take the time to give a rating to any pictures you find interesting.

To finish, here are some statistics for my blog:

Total posts: 109
Total visitors: 2,000
Most popular search engine query: agapantha flower
Total comments: 45
Estimated maintanance time spent: Over 2,700 minutes (about 50 hours)
Average visit length: 1:52 minutes

Anyway, gotta go now, I've just about set up my linux system so I'll be back posting any day now!

P.S. When I get the time, I'll make a "best bits" collection of the best photos from this millennium.

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