Sunday, 3 June 2007

Blade of grass with water droplets

Blade of Grass with small water droplets

I'm back! I've finally got openSUSE Linux installed and functioning properly, so this blog is now officially live again!

This is an extreme close-up photo of a single blade of grass covered in small droplets of water. The photo was taken from about 1-2 cm away from the piece of grass - the closest focus range that the Sony DSC-H1 could achieve, and indeed the closest any camera could get without touching the subject!

Looking at the composition again, the eye is immediately drawn to the sharply focused water droplets in the middle of the picture. The image gives the impression of freshness and beauty, and the crisp edges of the blade of grass in the middle also add a sense of capturing the moment. The deep green of the grass stands out clearly against the rich brown of the undergrowth in the background.

This image is yet another "post-rain" photograph - the high saturation and the presence of water droplets are typical of this style of photo.
This photo was taken with the Sony DSC-H1 camera on macro mode, high aperture.

Attention all visitors:
To celebrate the 2,000th visitor to this blog, I am going to post a "best bits" collection of the best photos from the past 45 days. It would be great if I could get some feedback about which pictures are the favourites from this time period. I'm looking for about 5 selections, so have a browse through the old posts, and email me (davids-pics at temporaryforwarding dot com) with your picks from the past 45 days. Thank you!
P.S. Entries close 13th June

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  1. I am charmed with, light and perfect composition

  2. Another top fiver! I like the sharpness of the drops!


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