Friday, 15 June 2007

Best Bits - The best of Nature Photography on Davids-Pics

Best Bits is finally here! This collection is a selection of the best photos posted to this blog in the past 2 months as selected by viewers. The ratings were gathered from a combination of the rating bar at the bottom of each post, and emailed submissions. There were a few firm favourites, especially the Odd one Out - Camphor-laurel leaves post, and others varied between submissions. I would like to thank all who submitted their favourites to this collection, especially Stephanie who made the first submission. Also thanks to those who use the rating bar below each post - this system has been a great success. Well, without any further ado, here are the best photos:

odd one out - camphor-laurel leaves in contrast, brown gray leaves with a single green living fresh leaf in the center middle of the pile of brown dead leaves

Odd one out - Camphor-laurel leaves in contrast

This one was a firm favourite. The single green camphor-laurel leaf in the middle of the photo provides a stark contrast to the dead brown leaves surrounding it.
9 votes

another hairy caterpillar photo - the processionary caterpillar migrates in a long line of many hairy caterpillars from their feeding tree to a pupating tree

Hairy Processionary Caterpillar Photo

This photo of a single "Processionary Caterpillar" was taken during the popular "Caterpillar Migration" episode. The photo is sharp and clear - definitely one of the best.
5 votes

close-up macro flower photo of water droplets on a balloon vine flower with small water droplets on it (water droplets on the petals of a balloon vine flower)

Balloon vine flower with water droplets

A great close-up of a balloon vine flower with water droplets resting on it's petals. Also see the ordinary Balloon Vine Flower
3 votes

a sunset vista - the sun sets on a bushland vista in the Australian bush with sky and clouds, as well as trees providing a frame for the sunset vista

Sunset vista

This landscape photo was taken in the Australian bush. It depicts a spectacular sunset, with a bright blaze of sunlight showing through the trees and clouds.
1 vote

prawns anyone? - lot's of prawn heads and tails lying in a heap, with prominent eyes, looking like seafood rubbish - as prawn scraps are

Prawns anyone? (Prawn Heads)

Here's a different perspective on your favourite seafood - these tiny creatures certainly merit a closer examination...
5 votes

These are the 5 best pictures from David's Nature Photography Gallery in the past 2 months, as selected by viewers. I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to send in your own favourite photos for inclusion in the next "best bits" collection!

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