Thursday, 19 April 2007

Another Hairy Caterpillar [Processionary Caterpillar] Photo

Here is another photo of the hairy "Processionary Caterpillar" we have been observing (see my previous post Caterpillar Migration). We have been tracking these caterpillars (caterpillers?) for the past few days, and have seen them processing many times now. They seem to be moving back and forth between the middle of our drive way (a very inconvenient position for us!), and a few camphor-laurel trees we have about. They appear to be able to move very quickly when they want to! Hopefully they settle down soon to pupate, otherwise someone will run over them sooner or later!
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  1. I have a funny story about these types of pillars. Anyway, it ends up that after I went inside the house from sun bathing, I found a few in my hair and freaked out. But afterwards, I kept them and became attached. Their hairs are kinda cute!

    Great pictures!

  2. that is an amazing picture!
    did you take it yourself?

    ENjoyed your post!

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