Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Small feet in pile of leaves

Small feet in a pile of leaves
photo of feet in pile of leaves
Small feet in pile of leaves

Going on the recent theme of "feet", I took a photo of two small children sitting in a pile of autumn leaves and zoomed in on their feet to get this photo. Again, I have applied a soft focus filter to this photo in order to add focus to the feet in the middle of the image.

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  1. This photograph is beautiful David !

    You're blog is lovely and deserves to be seen more.

  2. This one is really creepy for me. Nice shot. When I see leaves I think of compose and I am a father of two kids. So put the two together and it is a bit creepy. Good picture though.

  3. I see your point! I have changed the description to clarify.

  4. I think this is a great shot. Will make a great memory.

  5. i luv it...i have tickled many a toe peekin' out from beneath their covers..those need a good ticklin'
    look forward to more photos..

  6. Nice to see everyone likes this photo, I'll be adding it to the "favourites" list for this month.


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