Monday, 30 April 2007

Sun rays shining through spider web

Sun rays shining through spider web
sun sending rays shining through a curved garden orb spider's web
Sun and spider web

Here is a rather abstract photo of the sun shining it's rays through a Garden Orb Spider's web. The strong back lighting produces excellent outlines on the spider web, and the curve of the web draws the eye between the sun and the top right corner of the image (not that there's anything there!).

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P.S. You might want to check out a new blog I have been helping to design:
This blog will be an ongoing chronicle of one family's adventures on their 1.5 acre block of land in town.
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  1. Thia ia my facourite! It has such a sub text of hope and new beginnings.
    I really enjoy your photos and have included your url in my last posting

  2. Hi David!
    Saw your post on blogger help, I love your site! Wouldn't change a thing, loads fast (hard to do with a graphics heavy blog) and the pictures are fun to look at- and beautiful!
    Best of luck and keep on bloggin!

  3. Cool shot!! Would you be interested in displaying some of your images on our BIG Wallhogs Blog? I will obviously credit you as the owner and will link back to your site. We recently began a Wallhogs BIG art Daily Community where artists/photographers/photo lovers can share their work and receive attention together. I have just added you as a contact in BlogCatalog (scottalk), let me know if you would like to participate. Thanks!


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