Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Caterpillar migration!

The leader of the bunch The caterpillars 'migrated' down our driveway

The whole line of caterpillars was over 4 ft. long! Over the bump!

This is amazing! Just this morning we found a ball of about 30 hairy caterpillars sitting in a pile at the top end of our 25m driveway. When we came out later, the caterpillars had formed a line and were "migrating" in file down the driveway! Each one of them was following straight behind the one in front, and all together they made a single line of 29 caterpillars snaking down the driveway. Whenever there was a stick or rock in the way, the whole line would curve around it, each creature exactly following it's leader.

When we got out a tape measure, the entire length of the caterpillar-parade turned out to be a little over 4ft., about 130 cm. This is a sight I have certainly not seen before, nor do I expect to see it again. If anyone has any idea what type of caterpillar this is, maybe you could leave a comment with your idea. :-)

I have now identified the caterpillar: It is called the "Processionary Caterpillar", "Ochrogaster lunifer" in Latin, and is renowned for this behaviour of "processions".
More Information about the Processionary Caterpillar
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  1. Interesting! Cool site David. I'll have to stop by often, check out your shots, and learn some new stuff.

  2. Glad you like my site. If you've got any thoughts on what could be better, I'm open to suggestions. I'm especially thinking of changing the template - anyone have any ideas?

  3. Hi David,
    Thanks for submitting your site to the Bloggapedia Blog Directory!
    We love this post - great pics too!
    Thanks for the impromptu nature lesson and keep up the good work :)

  4. At first I thought it was one big cuddly caterpillar. :)

  5. It does look a bit like that from a distance!

  6. Wonderful photographs, can I link this page to my blog please?

    Don't forget to mention that the caterpillars can cause a very bad allergic reaction.

  7. Do you mean "Can I put a link to your blog on my site"? If so, certainly go ahead. Linking to other sites is what makes the blogosphere go 'round!

  8. Awesome shots and interesting too!

  9. Hi leeann,

    These are awsome creatures, it was great to get some close-ups of them. I hope you'll know more about them now, and keep on the lookout!



  10. wow! how interesting! what a beautiful creature, and big and long too!



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