Sunday, 22 April 2007

Footprints in the sand...

Here's another "sand" photo for you. This one illustrates a set of footprints leading diagonally away from an upcoming wave. This picture seems to give the impression of impending motion, as if the wave is just about to rush up and envelop the footprints on the sea shore.

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  1. Very nice blog... With nature as a muse, you'll never run out of thing to post about.

  2. this is a perfect 'footprints in the sand' photo....

    and the sand is soooo smooth too... the wavettes seem to have noticed the prints and are splashing in to wash them away...

    cool pic David, i like!

  3. Hi Carol,

    I love your description here, much nicer than my post! I've always loved footprints in the sand, and your words bring back the feeling to me.....




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