Monday, 25 June 2007

Death of a Gum Tree

"Blood" (sap) pouring out of a dying Eucalyptus tree
This close-up photo of a dying Eucalyptus ("Gum") tree provides the most vivid contrast I have seen in any of my photos so far. The deep red sap oozing from the side of the tree is it's equivalent to blood - the tree is slowly dying, as many of the gum trees around our place are now. In fact, this is the third tree in our 1.5 acre block to go, one by fire, the other by drought, and now this tree.

The two halves of this photo provide a stunning example of contrast, with the vivid red and brown on one side and the pale white on the other. This naturally-occurring phenomena has created an excellent contrast in this picture, and also helps to draw the focus to the right hand side of the image, where the bleeding sap forms one of the principle subjects of the photo.

The photo has 3 primary components:
  1. The white section
  2. The brown bark section
  3. The bleeding sap
These are the most important parts of this picture, and combine to create the whole image. Another part which could be included separately is the set of 2 small indentations in the center of the photo - they also provide a resting point which the eye is drawn to while scanning the photo.

This photo taken with the Kodak C330 camera.

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  1. great shot, but yuk, looks like a real wound on a cattle or something. makes my tummy turn!

  2. Yep, it is a bit gruesome if you think about it that way!

  3. Do you know which eucalypt this is exactly?

  4. Hi Princess Amber,

    I'm not sure quite what eucalypt this is, but I think it's the Corymbia aparrerinja, or Ghost Gum. For more info, check out Corymbia aparrerinja on Wikipedia.



  5. Thanks David. That's very helpful.

  6. Glad I could help. I'm sorry I didn't know more, but in general us Aussies don't seem to know much about our native flora and fauna! ;)




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