Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The Egg Plant shows it's true colours... [Purple Egg Plant Flower]

Purple Egg Plant Flower
Here's an interesting question for you: Who knew that the Egg Plant has purple flowers? I didn't until I saw the small plant springing out with lot's of small buds, which grew into flowers. This photo is a close-up of one such flower.

This photo has an unusual composition, although all the elements have been seen in other pictures. The flower itself is plainly the focus of the photo, occupying about 1/3rd of the image in the very center. The stems of the egg plant, however, are adding an interesting touch to the picture by creating a "funnel" converging on a point just below and to the left of the flower. This focus point is offset by the yellow center of the flower which points to the opposite lower corner, thus creating a harmony which keeps the focus on the egg plant flower.

Again, this photo only has three major colours - green, purple and yellow. Note that although yellow occupies only a small section of the image, it is nonetheless one of the major features of the picture from an observer's perspective.

Photo taken with the Kodak C330 camera.

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  1. I sure didn't know that ... lovely shot.

  2. lovely shot. I like the way the flower hangs,it looks like it is flying down to land.


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