Thursday, 14 June 2007

Close-up of a hen-pecked Chook's feathers

Hen-pecked chook's feathers
Our 12 laying hens have recently been attacking each other to various degrees, and this is the result of a few close encounters with sharp beaks. It's an unusual subject for a photo, but that's a big part of photography - taking a different view at everyday things. This photo was just taken on the spur of the moment when I saw one of the hens being transferred to a new cage.

The curves of the feather stems concentrate towards the middle-right section of the image.
They form a sort of recurring pattern which does seem to have some order about it. The single remaining feather in the middle of the bunch of short "stumps" brings the sense of contrast in again. The whole picture centers on the basis of curves and two colors - blue/gray and brown/orange.

Well, it's already the 14th - entries to the "best bits" survey closed yesterday. I'm sorting through the entries and creating a collection of the best photos from the past 45 days, so look out for a post soon with the results!

This photo taken with the Kodak C330 camera.

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  1. G'day Dave,

    Spectacular chook shot.



  2. G'day David,

    Thanks for the comment, it is amazing what great subjects you can find for a photo in everyday things.

    So long,


  3. It is a Page and Excellent photographies.

  4. Thanks for your comment too, I'm glad you enjoy my photographs.



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