Thursday, 28 June 2007

To stand out from the crowd [Red and Green Asparagus Vine Berries]

Green and Red Asparagus vine berries
This is a nice fresh close-up I took on one of these cold winter mornings we've been having lately. The berries of the "Asparagus Vine" in the picture are mostly green, except for one red berry near the center of the photo. This is another example of how just those little everyday things that we don't notice much can feature in some great photos.

This photo has a slightly different composition to most of the photos I have posted recently. It's major "eye-grabber" is the red berry in the center, which stands out from the rest of the berries scattered over the picture. The vine's stems all lead downwards from the top of the picture, and help to "cement" the berries together. The sharper section near the red berry also helps to draw attention to the subject of the photo.

This photo taken with the Kodak C330 camera.

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