Saturday, 17 November 2007

Urban Landcape - Sunset, Sun-rays, and Clouds

Sunset over Urban Rooftops
sunset with sun rays shining over urban rooftops with clouds - landscape photo of the sun setting
Last night I was outside during twilight, and noticed this amazing sunset. The Sun has already disappeared behind the clouds, but rays of light are still shining out and covering the sky. Although the photo above might look touched-up, I have not digitally manipulated this picture. The duotone effect (where the sun and it's rays are black-and-white while the sky near the top of the picture is blue) simply occurred naturally. This is a capture which is not likely to be seen again soon, I was lucky to be out at the right time to see it.

The photo below is of the same scene taken a few minutes later - you can see the huge difference between the pictures. In the photo below, the sun has set and the rays of light from the first picture are entirely gone, replaced instead by a reddish glow near the horizon.

sunset - the sun behind clouds at twilight with red glow on the horizonSunsets are always very beautiful to watch, and each one is different. As you can see from these photos, the scene changes even from minute to minute, giving you a very entertaining show. So why not step outside tonight, and have a look at this wonderful "theatre" of creation, free for all to see?

These photos taken with the Fujifilm S9600 digital camera.
#1: (Sun with Rays Shining) Shutter speed: 1/5999, F8.0, ISO 80
#2 (Sunset over rooftops) Shutter speed: 1/399, F5.7, ISO 100


  1. David,
    I also love the aura shot (the first photo)like you. Sometimes, light passes through group of could and it also created the aura effect too but I have not had the good aura shot yet ; ). Have a nice day.


  2. Hi digitalshuttermania,

    Thanks for your comment. Although I've seen many auras caused by clouds before, this is the first time one has come out on photo all right.

    Good luck with your photos :)

    See you soon,


  3. Yes David!
    Pictures for the naked eye, description for the inner eye!

    "the scene changes even from minute to minute, giving you a very entertaining show."

    "step outside tonight, and have a look at this wonderful "theatre" of creation, free for all to see?"


  4. Hi merging point,

    Thanks for your nice words, it's great that you enjoy these pics. I hope you get the opportunity to see the sunset tonight. :)



  5. David,

    Fantabulous shot of the sunlight and the dark clouds. Cloud gazing never is the same. It's one of my favorite morning and evening pasttimes. The contrast you captured is breathtaking. The sunrays are magnificent. It reminds me that God's there with open arms, warming up our hearts. :D

    I know he's smiling at the communication with all of this blogging. Worlds have opened up. You make a difference!!!

    JJ :D

  6. Hi JJ,

    I'm sure God is smiling on the many good uses that blogs can be put to. It's great that people can be inspired by the photographs posted to think of their Creator.

    Thanks for your comment, and see you soon.



  7. David I absolutely agree with you about sunsets, but they also move fast, I tend to miss it very often, because by the time I set my camera its all gone. Lovely photos, love the rays. Anna :)

  8. Hi anna,

    I find that for capturing sunsets you really have to sit out for the whole duration and just watch, waiting for the right time to get a photo. The sun moves so quickly otherwise that you don't get a chance.

    It was entirely chance that I had my camera set up at the right time to get this shot - I was going out to photograph some flowers!




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