Wednesday, 3 December 2008

A Smile in the Moon and the Stars (and Planets!)

Moon and Stars
moon and stars smiling face - venus and jupiter align with moon

A few nights ago, a friend rang up from Brisbane saying "step outside and have a look at the moon!" So I went out to see what all the fuss was about - and then smiled. The moon and two "stars"* were aligned perfectly to create a smiling face.The mouth was formed by the brilliantly gleaming crescent moon, with two tiny spots of light above representing eyes. It was almost as if God was looking down on us saying "Good night!".

So remember to smile today. Everyone needs a smile, and it's something you can always give away without running out! Who knows what good a simple smile could do to brighten someone's day.

* Yes, I know, they were actually the planets Jupiter and Venus, not stars. But I never let the facts get in the way of a good story! NASA has a wonderful picture of the event - you might like to check it out for a further explanation.


  1. Beautiful shot.
    I´ve taken Moon too.
    See my today SkywatchFriday.

  2. You captured it! Good for you! It was too cold here for me to brave it.

  3. lovely , i was out looking at it too. It sure is amazing the effect a smile can have on you. Hand them round and they go round.
    Thanks for sharing your snap shots with us.

  4. cool... never thought of taking moon together with stars... next time i will watch out for them... when they are together again :D

  5. Nice NASA picture! thanks for shairing.

  6. Wonderful shot!
    It was too cloudy over here.

  7. Great capture! I have trouble with moon pictures, but yours turned out great!


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