Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Amazing Grace - The Splendour of Light [Sun bursting through clouds]

Amazing Grace - Sun Bursting through clouds and treesphoto of sun breaking through clouds and shining rays through trees
Sun bursting through clouds

Recently I watched the movie “Amazing Grace”, an excellent movie about the abolishment of the slave trade in 18th century England. It follows the political work of William Wilberforce, a politician in the House of Commons. This photo reminds me of the theme of the movie – through all evils and tribulations of this world, God and goodness will triumph. The bright Sun, shrouded by cloud, seems to be bursting forth from its corner of the sky, spreading the Light to all corners of the globe.

This photo gains its impressive and triumphant effect mainly because of the parabolic nature of the image – the picture seems to have been taken with a “fish eye” lens, creating an effect of bulging in the centre. Surprisingly, I took this photo with a simple point-and-shoot Kodak C330 digital camera, and didn’t use a fish eye lens at all!

The trees in this photo create a natural frame for the picture. The gum tree (eucalyptus) is slightly offset from the left edge of the photo, so your eye tends to be drawn towards the left hand side of the picture.

On the whole, this picture conveys a sense of suspended movement and the glorious splendour of light. This picture, with its symbolism of light and goodness, is a reminder to us all to have hope for the triumph of good over evil.

This photo taken with the Kodak C330 digital camera.

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  1. This photo would look spectacular on an inspirational bookcover!!! I find the photo poetic and striking and spiritual.

    You are truly gifted.:D

    Hugs, JJ

  2. Thank you JJ. Lot's of people have mentioned about bookmarks and covers being made out of these photos, maybe I should start thinking about doing something!



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