Sunday, 12 August 2007

Lazy Sunday [Bearded Dragon Lizard]

Lazy Sunday - A Bearded Dragon Lizard in the Sun
lazy bearded dragon lizard lying in the sun on a gum tree log (eucalyptus)
Recently I was walking around a friend's property, mostly Australian semi-rural bushland, when I came across this little creature. Although he looks frightening, the Bearded Dragon lizard is practically harmless, and refused to move a muscle even when we picked him up! Before moving him, I snapped this shot at an unusual angle. The detail in this photo is amazing when viewed full-screen, especially around the lizard's head - you can see every small spike and inflection in his scaly skin. Although, as I said, these lizards are practically harmless, they can give you a nasty bite if provoked, so don't go picking them up!

This shot really makes you think. Whenever anybody looks at this picture they tend to automatically tilt their head counter-clockwise 90 degrees and look up and down the lizard's body. That's because of the unusual composition and depth of field in this photo.

The Bearded Dragon's head forms the primary focus-point in the image, with the beady eye attracting attention at the top of the head, and the split bark of the log leading the eye towards the dragon's frill further down.

I think the strangest thing about this photo is that you keep trying to turn sideways to look the lizard in the eye. The way the log and lizard combine to create an interesting "tilt" to the image helps to attract attention and create uniqueness. Just don't look at this picture too long - you might permanently bend your neck!

This photo taken with the Kodak C330 digital camera.

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  1. What a great photo, David!!! I know I would have taken a run while you snapped that beautiful shot.:D

    Thanks for visiting my blog and giving my yourlink. All of your photos are a work of art.

    Hugs, JJ

  2. JJ,

    Thanks again for your comment. I have to admit, though, that I did run a little later when another one of these "harmless" lizards decided it had had enough and jumped towards us!



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