Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Dry Australian Landscape - The real Aussie Bliss?

Australian Grazing Field - a Dry Landscape
dry Australian landscape grazing field
When I saw this photo, I immediately thought of the Windows XP desktop background "Bliss" that many will know so well. It depicts an artificially green meadow with a perfect sky in the background, and some distant mountains. Well, this photo shows a far from perfect landscape, with the dry, parched grass and hot looking sky, but I suppose you could call this the "Aussie Bliss". This photo was taken near Goondiwindi, in Queensland, Australia.

This photo differs from the "rule of thirds" we have been seeing lately - the photo is plainly comprised of two sections split vertically by the tree line. Both the curve of the clouds and the pattern of the grass incline the viewer's attention towards the center-right of the picture, meeting the horizon as it reaches the edge of the image.

The main feeling conveyed by this picture seems to be one of dryness, of a starved countryside that is deprived of it's utmost source of vitality. Yet the image also conveys a sense of beauty in itself, as if to say that no matter what happens, nature still retains it's equilibrium of life.

This photo taken with the Kodak C330 camera.

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  1. This is the image of Australia (my home) that I carry in my heart. I think this is a truly beautiful landscape - it is real to me... life can be harsh and yet beautiful, and I always feel that the Australian landscape constantly reflects this.

    Thank you for this great pic.

  2. Glad you like this photo. I find Australia really does have that unique aspect - an indescribable beauty which differs from that of any other country in the world. It's just up to us to use this wonderful land wisely.


  3. The Australian countryside often reminds me of the Canadian Prairies, but with more poisonous things :P

    This is a solid photo, I love the clouds you've captured. Breaking the rule of thirds was definitely the right choice for this.

  4. Hi Andrew,

    You might be pleased to know that so far I actually haven't encountered any poisonous things out in the countryside yet, but I do not doubt that they are in there!

    This photo again demonstrates that following the "rules" in photography won't always yield the best results - as you said, breaking the rule was a good idea for this shot!


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