Friday, 28 September 2007

5,000 A.D. - Beginning a new Millenium

Today this blog recieved it's 5,000th visitor! Interestingly this visitor was actually from Australia, which happens to be my home country. Here's some stats about that visitor in particular:

Time of Visit Sep 28 2007 9:23:54 am
Last Page View
Sep 28 2007 9:24:43 am
Visit Length
49 seconds
Page Views
Referring URL tomatoes&hl=en
Search Engine
Search Words
bullock heart tomatoes

According to Google Analytics I've actually had 6,103 visits, but I'll use the sitemeter count for this post. Here is a graph of all the traffic to this blog so far this year:
As you can see, I've had a great increase in blog traffic over the past few weeks. Now I'm going to have to stop posting about every 1,000 visits, because at this rate I should get about 1,600 per month!

But it's not just the traffic that counts. As you will know if you have a blog yourself, the visitor loyalty is one of the key factors to ascertaining a blog's success. According to Google Analytics, about 5% of the visitors to this blog have returned 2 or more times. I think that's pretty good for 5,000 visitors - approximately 50 people have demonstrated some interest in the blog.

It's interesting to note the most popular search queries for this past year:

As you can see, my agapantha flowers post seems to be very popular, but overall people tend to come here looking for nature photography.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who have visited and commented on this site, especially those who have subscribed. Running this blog has been a great experience so far, and I hope that you and many other readers will continue to enjoy it into the future.

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