Wednesday, 5 September 2007

New Camera! [Fujifilm S9600]

Finally, the days of 3x zoom are over!

Yesterday I bought a new camera to replace the 4.0MP Kodak C330 that has served me faithfully for the last two years. Although I wasn't quite ready to make the jump to a (d)SLR, the model I selected has full manual features and most of the benefits of an SLR.

fujifilm finepix s9600The new camera, a Fujifilm FinePix S9600, features a 9MP Super CCD sensor with 10x optical zoom (equivalent to approx. 28mm-300mm on a 35mm camera). From my preliminary testing, the image quality is excellent, especially in low-light conditions. The Fujifilm also has a "Super Macro" mode which enables it to focus down to 1cm, so you'll be seeing a lot more macro photography soon. (Guess which label will be the biggest in a month's time!)

Today I'll be playing with the new camera a bit, so expect to see some new photos any time now. After I've used the Fujifilm for a while I'll also try to post a review with the real life Pros and Cons of the camera, so keep an eye out for that later.

Overall I'm quite impressed with the quality of the Fujifilm S9600. It's raining here at the moment, and you know how good nature photography looks after the rain, so expect a treat, coming soon....


  1. The macro sounds great, Dave. Good choice.

    Keep smiling


  2. Yep, the macro is dream to work with. Keep an eye out for some more macro shots soon.


  3. Great camera - I've used it for nearly two years, both professionally and personally, and although there are a few weak points, it does great shots.

    The macro-manual zoom is useful, although the shutter is a tad slow for action shots. Drop the ISO down to 80-200, and the pics are silky - raise it and there's more noise than you'd want - but noiseware can fix that...

    Drop me a line if you have questions or would like to hear more (and no, this is not a scammail post).

    You have some great shot, btw. Here are mine:

    Israel At Level Ground

  4. Nice... Ive been considering going dSLR myself but haven't wanted to take the plunge either... do let me know how this works out for you!!!

    Thanks for the comment on Blog Catalog as well, I like both of your blogs and would be very interested in exchanging links and participation with you if you are interested. If so, just drop by the blog and leave me a line in the About page or something and we can setup a link exchange!!! If not, would still be cool if you'd be itnerested in participating in mine as I would definitely be interested in yours. (Sorry for the length here).

    Richard Jones

  5. Hi dave bender,

    Great to hear from someone else who's used this camera. Sounds like it was a good choice!

    I'll check out your photos soon, looks like you have some good ones there.

    Thanks for the info,


  6. Hi Richard,

    So far my experiences with the Fujifilm have been good, as dave bender says, it's got a few weak points (such as some buttons being slightly hard to reach or press), but overall it's a great camera, especially if you want most of the features of an SLR without the cost or lens hassles.

    Your blog looks interesting, I'd definitely be interested in keeping in touch, but I'll talk about that on your blog...

    See you later,


  7. I had a choice between this an the Olympus C7070WZ, and I went for the olympus - results are posted on Badoo -

    I'm selling the camera soon if anyone is interested by the way? Again, get in touch via

  8. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the camera tips, I'm sure some readers will find them useful.

    You've got some nice photos on your site too. Look forward to seeing some more in the future.

    Have a nice day,


  9. This camera is truely excellent.

    The features that allow you to control the picture mean that almost every conceivable option is included. I must also say that the auto-focusing is probably the best I have ever had the pleasure to use. Although there is manual focussing available, I don't seem to do it as well as the auotmatic function.

    nintendo dsi r4


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