Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Australia Day - Answers and some History

An Aussie Sunset!
Australian SunsetSo, you've all had a go at the Australia Day Quiz? If you haven't, there's still time - before you continue reading this post, checkout the quiz page, and then drop by and leave a comment to let everyone know how you went.

For those who've completed the quiz (whether you're from Australia, America, or elsewhere) - How did you go? I have to admit - the first time someone asked me these questions, I pretty much failed! It's amazing how so many of us Australians have so little knowledge about our history. Yes, I did throw a few hard ones in there. But I hope none of you chose "Jack Sparrow" as the Captain in command!

Well, without further ado, here is a full listing of each question, along with the correct answer. Enjoy! =)
  1. What do we remember on Australia day?
    Correct Answer: The raising of the British flag
    The raising of the flag was the official symbol proclaiming British sovereignty over the Eastern coast of Australia. We celebrate this occasion on January 26th every year.

  2. Where did this happen?
    Correct Answer: Port Jackson
    When the First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay, the intended settlement location, they found it unsuitable for living. They travelled a short distance to Port Jackson, where the flag was raised.

  3. In what year?
    Correct Answer: 1788
    This is a confusing one! You've just gotta know this. Everyone I know tends to get this confused with 1770, the year when James Cook "discovered" Australia. Just remember all those 7's and 8's and you'll be fine!

  4. Who was in command?
    Correct Answer: Captain Arthur Phillip
    Captain James Cook was the first European to explore the East coast of Australia, Captain William Lawson is fictionary, and Captain Jack Sparrow has yet to command an entire fleet.

  5. How many ships were in the First Fleet?
    Correct Answer: 11
    This is another one you just have to know.

  6. Which one of the following ships was NOT in the First Fleet?
    Correct Answer: The Endeavour
    Ok, so everyone got this one, right?
    The Endeavour was Captain Cook's ship during his first voyage. All the other names are actual ships in the First Fleet.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed the chance to test your knowledge, and maybe even gain some on the way. A huge thanks to all those who answered the quiz - and for any new people, please do leave a comment - no matter how short - to let me know how you scored!

More resources: Australia Day, Captain James Cook


  1. These information are brand new for me. Thanks for sharing.The picture of clouds at sunset is amazing.

  2. IIIIII reckon that if Captain J. Sparrow was in command of the fleet history would be sooo much more easy to learn but. If he was they'd probable scratch him out. Alcholic an all that

  3. OMG!!! this is awesome pic and very cool words
    thanks for that


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