Monday, 26 January 2009

Australia Day Quiz!

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What is Australia Day?

Think you know Australia? Try this quiz to check your knowledge of Australia Day, our national celebration. Please do "Have a go" and let me know how you scored in the comments section. Full answers will be disclosed tomorrow! Update: You've got 1 more day to finish the quiz - answers coming 28th Jan.
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1. What do we remember on Australia day?

2. Where did this happen?

3. In what year?

4. Who was in command?

5. How many ships were in the First Fleet?

6. Which one of the following ships was NOT in the First Fleet?


  1. omi, 33.33% not good

  2. Hey, thanks for letting me know your stats! Congratulations on your score - it's about as good as I got first time around =) And I'm supposed to be an Aussie......




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