Tuesday, 10 July 2007

A Sign of Contradiction 2 [Dead Leaves with Clover]

A Sign of Contradiction 2 - Dead Leaves with Clover
Here is another contrast-themed photo for today. I've found a lot of these lately, starting with A Sign of Contradiction - Prickle Resting on a Leaf. I found this close-up out on the back lawn after the gutters had been cleaned - this is certainly an unusual subject for a photo!

The dead, broken Camphor-Laurel leaves in the foreground of this picture stand out both in color and meaning from the bright green, healthy Clover in the background. The dead leaves give a dull, mundane feeling; the sprouting clover conveys an expression of life and joy.

In terms of composition, this picture is pretty simple. The dull brown leaves comprise the lower half of the image, while the upper portion is dominated by the green clover. The pile of leaves has no special arrangement, however the irregular shape, size, and position of each leaf does help to break up an otherwise monotonous subject.

This photo taken with the Kodak C330 camera.

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