Thursday, 12 July 2007

The sunflower that's not a Sunflower [Pumpkin Flower]

Bright yellow Pumpkin vine flower
bright yellow pumpkin flower in front of pumpkin vine leaves. The sunflower that isn't a Sunflower is really a Pumpkin flower!
Whenever I look at this flower I'm reminded of the sun. The vibrant yellow color and the flower's ray-like petals are like an ancient Greek portrayal of the sun, with it's flares of yellow shining out from the center orb. However, this flower is really only a humble Pumpkin flower, shown here in front of the Pumpkin vine's leaves.

This is very much a "standard" type of shot from a compositional standpoint - the main object of the photo is centered in the frame, and the background is very plain so as not to attract attention. This photo is an example of how you don't really need any fancy framing or exposure modes and settings to take a good photo - this photo was taken in point-and-shoot mode!

This photo taken with the Sony DSC-H1 camera.

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  1. Nice picture! If you have sunflower pictures consider sharing them with sunflower lovers at


  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the tip, I'll check out the website, as I do indeed have some sunflower photos. I'll see if I can get some of them up on the blog.


  3. Nice photo. Its the best i found doing a quick search on pumpkin vines.

    I suspected I had a pumpkin vine growing in my front yard, and my suspicions are confirmed thanks to your photo.

    And, I am also enjoying your other photos as well.

    I agree that green must be gods color.


  4. Hi Marc,

    Good to see that some of my photos are of use to people. Keep an eye out for another photo coming soon (Hint: take a look at "Alternative Bliss" or "English Countryside" for a preview of what's coming!)


  5. does anyone know which part of the pumpkin flower is edible?


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