Friday, 27 July 2007

The Sunflower that's really a sunflower [Close-up of a Sunflower]

Close-up of a Sunflower
This Sunflower is really a sunflower. A close-up (macro) photo (pic, image, shot) of a yellow sunflower, with detailed hairs on leaf and yellow petals
Since I posted the photo of a pumpkin flower under the title of "The Sunflower that's not a sunflower", I've had people ask whether I have any real sunflower photos. So I had a look through my archives and found this photo. I took this shot a few years ago, when I had just got a new 4.2MP digital camera (the Kodak C330). The level of detail is amazing - try viewing this photo full-size and you can even see the fine hairs on the leafy part. This would definitely do well as a desktop background.

This photo really seems to draw you into it with a sense of depth and perspective, even though it has a relatively "flat" subject. The circular center section with the stamen in it seems to bulge out, while the petals radiating from the center appear to bend inwards. The eye is particularly drawn to the center section, but this image has to be viewed as a whole to be fully appreciated.

An interesting thing to note is the fact that this photo does not actually portray the whole of
the flower. The edge of the petals are cut of by the framing of the photo. This is another important photographic technique which is used often and does not, as one might think, detract from the photo's beauty.

This photo taken with the Kodak C330 camera.

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