Thursday, 10 January 2008

Best Nature Pictures of 2007 - Happy Birthday, dear "Bloggy"....

This January marks an important milestone for this blog: it is exactly One Year since the first visitor came to! Since then, the site has received 10,600 visits, and over 400 comments from all over the world. In the past few weeks, the average has been about 75 visits per day, so traffic is increasing quickly as well.

Here are some facts and figures from the history of this blog so far:
  • Total visits: 10,681
  • Total pageviews: 16,651
  • Total posts: 171
  • Total comments: 455
  • Avg. Time on Site: 1:05
  • Avg. Pages per Visit: 1.56
  • Most Popular page overall: /2007/04/drought.html - 4.74% of total traffic
  • Most Popular search term: images of nature - 2.76% of total traffic
  • Most Popular referring site: - 44.27% of total traffic
I'm certainly happy with the progress made with this blog, and I'd like to specially thank all of you who visit and contribute your comments and advice - without you, this blog wouldn't exist today! I hope you are all enjoying the photography posted here, and as always I am open to suggestions for improvement. Here's looking forward to another successful and enjoyable year of blogging in 2008!

Some of the best nature pictures from 2007:
Lightning Striking at Night Blue Tongue Lizard Bumble Bee hovering in mid-air balloon vine flower with water droplets Picture of a Sunflower australian emu head


  1. Thanks, Nicole! I hope you have a great blogging year as well.



  2. congratulations david! great going....

  3. David, You've got a very good blog. It is very interesting to see your stats. 75 visitors per day is fantastic. How have you gone about promoting your blog?


  4. Congratulation David. I love your blog too.


  5. well done, david. keep up the good work.

  6. I like your photos very much. And congratulations with the blogging growth.

  7. Congratulations David,
    I am wishing you the best for 2008 and very soon with 10ths of thousands visitors per month!

  8. David, congratulations, wow one year, and the stats are really good, glad that I joined your blog, it has been fun and it will be in the next years to come. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)


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